Design Build

Design-build is a method of project delivery in which the owner contracts directly with Kolan Group. We are then responsible for both design and construction services for a construction project. Kolan Group assumes full responsibility for the project while working with the owner as a partner. 


During the Pre-Construction phase of a project, we work with the Client and design team to create a standard procedure. We understand design parameters, scope of work, quality requirements, schedule and budget. We perform estimation, value engineering and constructability analyses to identify opportunities for cost savings to avoid redesign fees while minimizing costly changes during construction.


At Kolan Group we have a grand plan. The plan is to become LEEDers (LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in the Green Building Movement. In our apothegm, “WE BUILD. YOU RISE.”, we make it categorical that we seek the amelioration of our environment. 

Building information Modeling

Kolan Group International is constantly challenged to deliver successful projects and we are totally dedicated to this effort. When working on tight budgets, limited manpower, accelerated schedules and limited or conflicting information, disciplines such as architectural, structural and MEP designs should be well coordinated. 


We lay absolute emphasis on safety on our projects. We strive to keep our work-sites safe and accident-free for our workers and employees first and foremost. We also aspire to keep it safe for our clients and visitors who would like to check how the work is progressing.

Interior Design

Our Interior Design Services are mainly focused to create bespoke Kitchen’s, Bedrooms, Bathrooms (KBB) for our clientele. Utilizing 30 years of experience in this segment and our well established relationships & networks internationally, we ensure that our clients get exclusivity at competitive prices.

Professional Transparency and Fair Practices:

Kolan Group in its existence  built a reputation of being absolutely transparent and just in all its dealings. We are committed to maintain the same level of transparency in all our verticals.

Reliable Investment:

Whether you are a large multinational company or an individual, we make every effort to ensure you get the maximum value for your hard earned money.

We provide you with a "Beyond Quality" Experience:

We work with zeal towards delivering excellent quality and customer services, ultimately providing you with a “Beyond Quality” experience.

Why Customers Love Us?

Kolan Group Constructions  has made a name for itself by being more than a faceless distributor of building materials. We grow relationships by efficiently meeting your needs. That means getting you the products you need, not just the ones we stock. Prompt, accurate orders are the result of people who listen and take an interest in your business. That’s where we start. Our success is measured by how well we work together.